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Anyone can experience hair loss on their head, however it’s more common in men and can be the result of hormonal changes, medical conditions, genetics or a normal part of ageing. Nevertheless, it is often extremely unwanted and we are thrilled to bring you a brand new solution to unwelcome hair loss: scalp micro-pigmentation.


Scalp micro-pigmentation is the modern, stylish and most effective treatment chosen by over half a million men across the globe, to mask thinning hair and bring back a younger, fresher appearance.


Through the use of a unique micro-tattooing process that mimics the appearance of tiny hairs, scalp micro-pigmentation creates the impression of a full head of hair, cut in a closely shaven style.


Applied meticulously throughout 2-4 appointments, each around 2-3 hours in length, scalp micro-pigmentation boasts incredible results with minimal discomfort and almost zero downtime – most clients can go back to work the next day!


Please note that for best healing purposes and optimal results, sessions are spread a minimum of 7 days apart.